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5 Interesting Facts About AC Maintenance You Didn’t Know

Nowadays, regular air conditioning system maintenance has become a necessity not only in commercial areas but also in households. But first, you should understand what maintenance entails and why it is beneficial. This service increases home efficiency and can save you a lot of money. Here are five facts about maintenance that you should know to help you decide whether or not to schedule maintenance with the best Air Conditioning Service in DC.

Your AC must be turned off during maintenance

You read that correctly. During a maintenance check, your air conditioner cannot be turned on. This is why we advise DC residents to schedule maintenance checks during the spring before the oppressive summer heat arrives in full force.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum

You should be fine with an air conditioning maintenance appointment on a day that turns out to be hotter than expected. Your maintenance check should take only a little if your AC requires more extensive repairs. This is one fact that people don’t believe, as AC maintenance takes little time.

Maintenance is inexpensive

A tune-up of AC entails cleaning your air conditioner’s parts, tightening anything loose, adding lubricant as needed, and performing additional checks and adjustments. It should be free of additional labor or parts to keep this service affordable, especially since it only needs to be done once a year.

Maintenance saves money, time, and energy

Imagine discovering that there was something you could do for your comfort that would ensure you spent less time and money on repairs while also extending the life of your current system. The best part is that you don’t have to make this up because it’s exactly what maintenance does.

Maintenance can be performed automatically

If you hire an experienced contractor, you can make a contract or hire a plan which is available on a monthly or yearly basis. Their team will contact you on their own regularly when your HVAC needs any service. Also, employing one contractor can get you an affordable deal.


With these facts about AC maintenance, you will be more aware of your decision about your HVAC. If you want an air conditioner that works efficiently, cools your home effectively, and doesn’t cost much, maintenance is a service you should use. McMurray’s Heating & AC is the best company for Residential Air Conditioners in DC that you can choose anytime. Call us for more information.

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