Whole-House HVAC AIir Purification System

Your Solution to Indoor Pollution

●  Whole-House HVAC Air Purification System that uses a powerful combination of ultraviolet light with Activated Carbon infused titanium dioxide PCO (photocatalytic oxidation).
●  Activated Carbon removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds), toxic compounds and odors from your home, such as pet odors, cooking odors and chemical vapors.
●  Sterilize airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens and more.
●  Carbon-X installs directly into the HVAC system
●  Carbon-X cleans and purifies the air in the entire house.
●  Improve indoor air quality
●  Carbon-X is 100% ozone free!

Innovating Air Through Science

●  Carbon-X installs directly into the HVAC duct system.
●  Improve indoor air quality by cleaning and purifying the air in the entire house.
● Carbon-X is a Whole-House Air Purifier HVAC PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) with activated carbon. This unit is powerful in removing toxin VOCs, germs, and odors from your home without using ozone.

What is Photocatalytic Oxidation?

Photocatalytic Oxidation is achieved when you combine a UV-C Light with a TIO2 coated filter. When this process takes place, superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals are produced. These electrons aggressively combat toxic VOCs and noxious odors in your home by reducing them in a short amount of time.

What are VOCs?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are unhealthy toxic compounds found in everyday household items such as rugs, furniture, and cleaning products. These harmful compounds include toluene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. During the photocatalytic oxidation process these compounds are eradicated from the air.